Welcome to Cryptospout If you are looking for cryptocurrency faucets or cryptocurrency node hosting you came to the right place! Currently we handle faucets for 31 different cryptocurrencies

Hourly Faucets

Hourly faucets provide a taste of crypto by simply providing a wallet address. The coins are dispatched every hour (with the exception of Bitcoin that is dispatched once daily). You can use the hourly faucets as the name suggest once per hour

Daily Faucets

Daily faucets provide a little more to chew on same rules apply when dispatching the rewards they get sent at the top of the hour with the exception of Bitcoin thats sent out once a day you can use these faucets once every 24 hours

Crypto Deluge

Crypto Deluge offers a substantially higher sample but the catch is only one person entered every hour receives the reward. you can enter each deluge once per hour


Cryptonode provides easy deployment of cryptocoin nodes. Experts and newbies alike can find the creation of a node easy as pie!