Session #5 TheSilabsoft Ultimate Ironman

My slayer tasks are starting to become rather challenging. After obtaining 40 slayer I was assigned the task of killing Basilisks. The Basilisks are not match for my current defense and Armour so I was pretty much shredded when I tried to fight them. I don’t want to drop the task because they have good drops and I could use the money so I have started the task of making Iron knives to fight them with range. I am using knives rather than a bow and arrow because I need to have the mirror shield equipped or risk getting my stats lowered by its attacks. Unfortunately I only have 10 available slots in my inventory so this makes the task of making the knives extremely slow. I am currently mining iron in Remington > Walking to Falador to smelt > walking to Doric’s anvil to craft and then repeating. I do hope I can find a faster route in the future but for now this method will have to do. I plan to make 600 I believe it will be enough for the task of 100 basilisks but if its not I will attempt to melee the remaining. Ultimate Ironman has continued to remain a challenge and has been very entertaining to me. There are a few things that are extremely annoying with the game type but if you are an experienced Runescape player and have been looking for a reason to play again this may be what you are looking for.

LlQmm5O1 Session #5 TheSilabsoft Ultimate Ironman

DZKObN31 Session #5 TheSilabsoft Ultimate Ironman

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Ultimate Ironman troubles Recruitment Drive

As an Ultimate iron man in old school Runescape you know the troubles of trying to keep everything in your inventory but what do you do when a quest requires you to remove EVERYTHING. That is exactly what The recruitment drive quest requires of you. So how do you handle this? I am not sure of the best way but as of right now I am putting this quest on the back burner. I will probably consider completing it only if I die or after I get 99 slayer.

Do you have any ideas on the best way I should handle this quest? Please feel free to comment!

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Session #4 TheSilabsoft OSRS Ultimate Ironman

Slayer slayer and more slayer, It’s pretty much what I have been doing this session. I did squeeze in a few quests and had to do a little fletching to make some cash to buy a mirror shield. I received my first decent drop in slayer being white mystic boots which should help me start to recover some of the money I spent on the mirror shield. Also the amount of nature runes I received killing cockatrice makes me realize how badly I need to get my magic up so that I can alch on the spot rather than carrying things to the various shops found throughout Runescape
GdJSfQt1 Session #4 TheSilabsoft OSRS Ultimate Ironman

XHFJ1mA1 Session #4 TheSilabsoft OSRS Ultimate Ironman

zwcNgqG1 Session #4 TheSilabsoft OSRS Ultimate Ironman

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Session #3 TheSilabsoft Oldschool Runescape Ultimate Ironman

Today’s training was slow, I was assigned dogs as my slayer task which sucks because they out level me by far. I decided I would use range to kill them via safe spot. To do that I had to make 900 bronze arrows by running from lumbridge swamp to the furnace then to the draynor anvil. Followed by grinding 20 range levels so I could use a willow long bow. After I finished the task I ended up dumping most of my items to do waterfall quest which gave me a nice boost in melee combat. Also along the way I knocked out the imp bead quest and the vampire slayer quest. Although challenging this Ultimate Ironman has proven to be an exciting challenge.

crQUIg61 Session #3 TheSilabsoft Oldschool Runescape Ultimate Ironman

tlMf0Ee1 Session #3 TheSilabsoft Oldschool Runescape Ultimate Ironman

hDf0LxE1 Session #3 TheSilabsoft Oldschool Runescape Ultimate Ironman

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Session #2 TheSilabsoft Oldschool Ultimate Ironman

Session two on TheSilabsoft my Oldschool Ultimate Ironman account was indeed a little more productive, after getting 20 fishing so I could start fly fishing I did a few slayer tasks and completed a few quests. The lack of inventory space is painful It really makes you think about what you should keep and what you should get rid of. I am hanging onto the gold bar I got from the goblin diplomacy in hopes it will make me want to train crafting up to at least start making rings and amulets.

R4ZC4Oj1 Session #2 TheSilabsoft Oldschool Ultimate Ironman

wxYohah1 Session #2 TheSilabsoft Oldschool Ultimate Ironman

M7TfErm1 Session #2 TheSilabsoft Oldschool Ultimate Ironman

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Session #1 Ultimate Ironman Oldschool Runescape

Being rather impressed with Jagex decision to create the Ironman gametype in Runescape I decided I would support the company and give it a go by creating an Ultimate Iron Man in Oldschool Runescape. For anyone that is seeking a challenge you might enjoy it. Here is a rundown of what to expect when playing:

After enabling ironman mode on your account you will have a number of restrictions in place.

No trading other players
No picking up drops from other players (including PvP drops)
No PvP XP (spell casting experience, splashing, is still gained)
Cannot see monster loot if you did not do 100% of the damage
Auto aid button locked to off
Cannot enter other players POH or have players enter their own POH.
Cannot buy items from other players through shops
Cannot use fishing trawler
Unable to receive items from the party room balloon drop
No staking (dueling is still possible)
Players can only use solo nightmare zone and the shop will not sell you resources.

Additional ultimate ironman rules/limitations

Ultimate ironman accounts will have the following limitations in addition to the standard ironman limitations.

Cannot access bank
When dying you lose all your items

After creating the oh so original username TheSilabsoft I quickly got reorineted with Runescape via the tutorial island and found myself in lumbridge as an Ironman. I didn’t have too much time to play today but Figured I would make a post of my current standings and will do so until I am either banned (for being silabsoft) or die.

Oj8D8LZ1 Session #1 Ultimate Ironman Oldschool Runescape

OOHO39E1 Session #1 Ultimate Ironman Oldschool Runescape

GyxTcxA1 Session #1 Ultimate Ironman Oldschool Runescape

For my next session I hope to hit 15 mining to finish dorics quest then proceed to do another slayer task because I will be near Burthope.

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RuneAgent 1.3 Released

RuneAgent 1.3 includes support for runetek 5


  • Modified methodwrapper to allow overriding of methods – Due to the way Runetek5 works When I originally output the OutStream methods the log was quickly filled with hundreds of calls to different methods. I quickly realized that these write methods are shared with the cache writing and other Stream calls. The solution to this was to override the stream methods in the substream class and have the logging happen from there.
  • RT5StreamObjectHook -responsible for hooking the outstream object and passing it to runeagent.
  • DeFinalizerTransformer – Used to definalize final methods in the stream class so we can override them

jGX9dnz RuneAgent 1.3 Released

as always you can grab it from github or download the distribution on my RuneAgent Downloads page.

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RuneAgent 1.2 Released (RSC support)

With the release of RuneAgent 1.2 you should now be able to use RuneAgent on Runescape Classic Private servers. Also a few minors changes included in this version and the introduction of scripting for further modification of classtransformers. You can download it In our RuneAgent Downloads section or compile the source found on github

5hjb0fp RuneAgent 1.2 Released (RSC support)

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RuneAgent 1.1 Released

RuneAgent 1.1 focused on some cosmetic changes that have been requested.

  • Added easy ability to rename quickadd methods
  • added border around script panel for identification
  • changed output of outstream log for easy copy and paste support
  • added update check on load to check for any major updates I push to RuneAgent
0a6uiTJ RuneAgent 1.1 Released

or get the source on github
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Hades5 RSPS WEBS Exploit!

Just a recap of the webs event that happened to day on Hades5 RSPS. This server seems pretty popular its a shame they have absolutely 0 object verification. Not only can you use any object anywhere but you can also disrupt the entire community with WEBS!

aYi6qOy1 1024x348 Hades5 RSPS WEBS Exploit!
mOvQWyY1 Hades5 RSPS WEBS Exploit!
4MpgflF1 Hades5 RSPS WEBS Exploit!
ZbaxV301 Hades5 RSPS WEBS Exploit!

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